# GitLab CI/CD Training Note: - Check with the stakeholder if the team is ready - Make sure to start recording
# Introduction Note: - Trainer introduction, suggestions: - Name - Job role - Why attedees should spend 3 hrs listening to you - GitLab introduction - About GitLab
## Agenda Note: - Announce a quick brake after covering the Sample App section - The brake is also for us to make sure attendees have everything setup - Also announce a Q & A at the end of the session
- Introduction - Concepts - Why use CI/CD - Sample App - CI Setup - Runners - Questions
Complementary: - [Docker](#/docker) Note: - The docker item is a link to the slides - The docker slides have a back link to the agenda - Complementary material, not required but useful
# Questions Thank you for your hard work! Note: - A hard stop at 30 mins into this section is a good range of time - Ideally we can also share another channel of sending questions if they have none at the moment